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Perfect Arch permanent makeup is about more than just providing a service. It’s about empowering women by giving back their time by cutting down the time they spend getting ready for the day. Permanent makeup (PMU) services offered by Perfect Arch are not only beautiful but they require NO DOWN TIME! With all the hustle and bustle with life, clients don’t have to worry about disrupting their daily lives with our services. 


This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are natural looking, hair like strokes, best option for clients who have a lot of eyebrow hair to allow the strokes to blend, if you do not have a lot of brow hair ombré powder is your best option. Microblading makes it look like you grew more brow hair over-night. If you have oily skin then i recommend ombré powder brows instead.

Ombré powder or shading is a form of powder shading with a very natural powder finish to give brows a fuller look, replacing the need for brow makeup for good! This service is good for someone with minimal eyebrow hair, oily or acneic prone skin. This service can be very natural or bold as you want.

This service is ideal for someone that needs a combination of the first two services. Incorporating the shading and micro blading hairlike strokes in certain areas of the eyebrow. Often used on clients with very little to no eyebrow hair.

N. Simmons, TX

“I absolutely love my brows, It's not just the convenience for me but how gorgeous they are."

E. Keith, TX

 You might be the only person I'd trust with my brows! 

B. Jackson, TX

From start to finish, everything is explained. She makes you feel so comfortable!
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